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Reasons for wanting a baby girl

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Being a female you would relate to girls better as you grew up a girl yourself. I want another girl too because I had a sister and I'd love my daughter to have a sister. We also have tons of girl stuff already! My daughter really wants it to be a girl too, so it looks like the women are looking to add some serious girl power in the house. But even after some convincing as to why another girl would be so awesome, my husband still really wants a boy :-). My ultrasound is this week so hopefully it will be settled then!


she will help me more in the house and I will make her my best friend, so as to guide her in terms of being a confidant woman, independent, strong, never make herself to be low and how to handle her relationship when the time comes. Since mum was once a girl like her.


I personally only wanted girls. Although I love my son I wanted another girl. Girls have so much cute stuff and we can do mommy daughter stuff together. I didn't think I could handle a boy because I didn't know anything about a boy but I'm doing good with him.


I always wanted to have a girl, my mini me. I am so glad that I got her in my life, she's my everything. I love her frilly pink outfits and bows. I'm so grateful for my daughter. :)


I love my baby so much, and I just had another ultrasound and was told once again that it's a boy.

I hate feeling so upset by this, though.

Always looking at the adorable baby girl clothes, seeing cute dresses that my friends made for their nieces... I don't want to be disappointed by it, but I just want to have a little baby girl in my arms. I don't want to have my children too close in age (hubby does), but I almost want to just to have a girl that much sooner.

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Reasons for wanting a baby girl
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