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We need a baby to help our marriage

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A baby can not help your marriage! The idea that you would even think for a moment that someone who is so needy and dependant can salvage your relationship is your being a little selfish and manipulative. We usually already know the answers to our questions; for starters please seek the advice of a trusted counselor. I don't know exactly what's going on in your marriage but even under the best circumstances a baby would only temporarily distract you from being present in the real fact that relationships take lots of work, are you and your Dh willing to put in the real time to see your marriage transform.


No way. A baby will NOT help a marriage. I have a friend who thought the same thing and now they have 2 children that have a dad that would rather do drugs than to be with his kids and wife.


Children cannot hold a marriage together nor can they fix one. The marriage needs to be repaired before children are involved. However, if you already are pregnant, try seeking couples counseling. A happy baby is the result of a happy home. If you are not happy, your children will sense that and be stressed and will not feel happy themselves. Fix the marriage first before deciding to conceive.


Please don't EVER think that adding a baby and all the stress that goes with it will fix a marriage. The healthy relationship needs ot be in place before a baby can be brought in to this world. I'm not saying people can't do it by themselves, what I'm saying is that babies will not help relationships, they're complicated and require a lot of care.

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We need a baby to help our marriage
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