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How to ease worry when pregnant after miscarriage

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I eased my worry during my second pregnancy by keeping myself busy. I hid my 2nd pregnancy so I couldn't just talk about "my worries of loosing this baby as well." Yes some days I was worried I'd loose the baby but it was a risk I was willing to take. Now I have an amazing daughter whom I love because I was willing to risk another heartbreak again. As for my 3rd pregnancy yes I will be nervous but again I have to try at least.


Stress is no good for our bodies in large consistent doses... So I was wondering.

How do you ease worry when pregnant after a miscarriage? The only thing that kind of works for me is distraction, but I feel like there must be healthier alternatives. What do you guys think?


I journaled and prayed a lot and those are supposedly a stress relievers - I never did have high blood pressure etc. that can be associated with stress. Though I did have anxiety attacks in my sixth full-term pregnancy, I just cried and breathed through them.

I think keeping busy is good. I was always busy with my other children and they needed me so they were my distraction, plus our little online business at the time (2005).

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How to ease worry when pregnant after miscarriage
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