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When can you take babies out on a walk?

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I can't wait to take Aubrielle out for a walk! Unfortunately, we've had such a brutal winter! As soon as the weather gets warmer we'll be going for walks!


Well CA has amazing weather all the time so i brought Brynlee out about 13 days after birth in the Moby and I brought Bentley out after nearly 16 days. Now I will be walking 3 babies soon


I took my babies on a walk I think a week after they were born. I hate staying inside when I can be out with my kids. I'll take them for a walk almost everyday. My son loves his walks ever since he was born till today.


I know with a few of my babies it was just a few days and we were taking short walks down the street.

I would either wear a sling or Ergo when my babies were little and gradually they'd go into the stroller.

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When can you take babies out on a walk?
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