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When trying to get pregnant-what should you do

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Firstly, sex. Secondly, and a VERY close second- folic acid.

Honestly, I would say you could forego the sex (turkey baster and sperm sample, whoo) before the folic acid. It's pretty helpful for neural tube development, and you need it before most women even know they are pregnant.


It took us a year to get pregnant the first time. I mentioned it to my doctor when we had been trying for about 8 months, and she said that since I was younger most fertility specialists would want to see some sort of evidence of how long we had been trying and what we had been doing before they would offer any sort of fertility help. So any tracking you do keep it somewhere, either written in a calendar or a planner or online where you can print it to show to a doctor so they don't just send you home to keep trying.


I'm trying to get pregnant during last year, and unsuccessful... But it's not the reason to be upset and judge yourself - it's not your decision, only God knows when.


I guess I am going to have to step up on the additional help.

Acupuncture, ovulation tests, temp tracking and I am thinking of getting the at home sperm test for my husband. We have not yet gotten tested and really hope to not have to go the route of hormone shots but after almost 2 years of trying this is just getting frustrating.

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When trying to get pregnant-what should you do
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