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When will my baby due: how to calculate

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The due date may be estimated by adding 280 days ( 9 months and 7 days) to the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP). This is the method used by "pregnancy wheels". The accuracy of the EDD derived by this method depends on accurate recall by the mother, assumes regular 28 day cycles, and that conception occurs on day 14 of the cycle. Use of the LMP to establish the due date may overestimate the duration of the pregnancy, and can be subject to an error of more than 2 weeks


They are just estimated dates of when the baby will be born it could come a little before or after or on the due date but a healthy baby will come somewhere around the time of the estimated due date. It is so frustrating when you pass your due date and no baby has came. And you have everyone asking you "when is the baby coming?" Plus by that time most moms are tired of pregnancy and ready to have their baby. No matter how frustrating it is even to wait an extra day I always wait and have told other moms I know to try to wait it out because I think the babies like to get here when they are ready.

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When will my baby due: how to calculate
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