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Why am I not pregnant?! Common fertility issues

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Howz it going with you? Do the right planning. These days infertility problems are on the rise. Not sure if the lifestyle is to be blamed.


I think stress causes a lot of fertility issues. I know it did when I was trying to get pregnant with my second son. I also have a friend that has been trying for years to conceive a second child and the doctors couldn't figure out why. She's finally pregnant with her second child after countless miscarriages so there is never one set cause for infertility issues.


I have had five miscarriages, I really need help!


My husband and I tried to conceive for almost two years before we were pregnant. I had a LOT of tests done. (bloodwork on days 3 and 21 of my cycle, an ultrasound to look at my reproductive organs & a VERY PAINFUL HSG test to see if my tubes were open) They also tested my husband's semen. After all of the tests, my OB informed me that there was NOTHING wrong with either of us.


Not only consistency, but pH counts too! That one took me forever to figure out. Coconut oil helps. Good pH and easy for sperm to swim in! Helps add a bit if you're fertile but maybe still a little dry. And even if you're not.. hey it smells like coconuts!


trying to have a baby but have cysts on my ovaries and so i have an irregular cycle and im not sure what i can do to get more fertile and fix these problem


However, it could be a very simple issue like timing of when you have sex. Even something that seems "serious" like low sperm count can often be addressed by timing and having sex only every other day. Start by reading the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility" and make an appointment with a specialist to get tested.

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Why am I not pregnant?! Common fertility issues
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