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Did you try ivf after tubal ligation

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a long time ago

Our friends are currently doing IVF because of her tubal ligation. This is her third round. The procedure is you start on birth control pills to regulate your cycle for the process. Then you take meds to stimulate follicle production. Then you have an ultrasound to determine when you are ready to do your egg retrieval. On the day of your retrieval they will fertilize them all and check to see how many embryos you have then you will implant

a long time ago

I had a tubal after my second.I think before you even think about a tubal you need to be sure that you are finished with having kids... Even if something did change and in five years you find yourself madly in love with another man, etc ... you will still be through. Until you know that for sure... then do not get a tubal... IVF is an option but should not be the alternative...

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Did you try ivf after tubal ligation
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