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Do you have acid reflux during pregnancy

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I've had heartburn and acid reflux horribly during this pregnancy and with my last one too. Nothing worked with my daughter but, with this one my Dr. finally wrote me a script for Pepcid (when I was 7 mo.) and that is working. I t's starting to wear off faster but it's good for now. Water would even give it to me if I'm not taking the Pepcid, it sounds crazy but, it's true!


when I do have acid reflux, I eat a piece of bread. It works for me because it absorbs the nastiness. Bleech!


I had heartburn and acid reflux so bad with both my pregnancy's. Drink lots of milk and tums. And ask your doctor about it because mine prescribed me some kind of medicine that was ok to take while your pregnant.


In my second pregnancy my daughter was so high that I often had reflux. The best solution I found was simply milk.


My first pregnancy was rough. The first month if I ​didn't eat I would pass out.I had acid reflux something horrible those last four months.. I didn't have near as much acid reflux with the second pregnancy either.

a long time ago

Some pregnancies were worse than others. I know some recommended barley greens to me when it was really bad in my last pregnancy - Country Life Natural Foods clnf.org is where I got mine

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Do you have acid reflux during pregnancy
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