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Best sex positions while pregnant

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Well I actually just hit 38 weeks today! And we still have sex, definitely not as much as earlier in the pregnancy, but still enough. Any version of missionary is pretty difficult for me . My belly is so big, it gets hard to breathe which distracts me from the good feelings. 2 of the best one for me are spooning (omggg) and this one where I lay on my left side with legs together, knees bent, while he is kneeling but straight up. Both of those feel amazing and very, very little discomfort at all!!! And... last but not least, back entry. We actually never tried it until these last couple of months of my pregnancy, and it may just be the hormones but it actually feels really good. But we start with doggy style with pillows under my belly/hips for support, then finish with the rear.


Side By Side
This position allows for easier access than most, but penetration can be more difficult. Crossing your legs or bodies can allow easier access to the vagina and dry rubbing is also common in this position.

Using the Backdoor
This position is good for g-spot stimulation and can be comfortable in the third trimester. This position can be done almost anywhere, bed, over a dresser or couch.

Edge of the Bed
You can lie on the bed bed on your side, or on your back at the edge of the bed and your partner can be off the bed, either on their knees or standing up.

A safe position is always missionary as long as the partner is not putting pressure on the uterus or the belly, propping with pillows will make this position much more comfortable.


Well I think the best position may be different for every couple . I think it depends on how pregnant you are and what is most comfortable for you and your partner . It can get tough with that big belly in the way and just trying to find a comfortable position to lay is hard enough let alone to have sex !! LOL Just try things out and see what works best for you and is the most comfortable at different stages of your pregnancy .


Im Only 4 Months Pregnant But I Feel Pain When My Boyfriends On Top && Sometimes I Have Bad Back Pain During Doggy Style . Lately We've Tried Him Sitting In A Chair And Me On Top . It Feels Amazing And Totally Pain Free :)


I'm 7 months pregnant and my hubby and I mostly do girl on top, doggy style, side to side. Throughtout 5 months we did it when he was on top that till my stomach got bigger so we didn't do that position no more.

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I think it's safe to say that as pregnancy progresses the back position is out as well as tummy. ;)Top and side work well throughout the whole nine months.

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Hubby and I were sexually active up until delivery of both kids.We did a lot of spooning, girl on top, doggy style and positions where he was standing and I was laying on the edge of the bed (took pressure off him hovering so much over me). We are also big fans of foreplay only so that was always a good option too.

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Best sex positions while pregnant
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