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its the best thing for you and the baby.


I'm pro natural births!!!


!As it should be! un medicated, no doctors all over you and your body doing what it knows how to do. Here in America we make a circus out of childbirth, and we have been made (some have) to believe that this blessed event is some strange catastrophic rare occurrence,,,,


I ended up having a natural birth but it wasn't by choice. I had gotten an epidural but somehow it came out of my back and the drugs wore off. after laboring for 11 hours I had my son naturally and it ended up being such a wonderful experience for me and my boy.


I wanted one but after contracting for four days and being in that much pain with Elianna I was very happy to get the epidural for my c section! And I'm glad we had another c section


It is better than operation..


Three of my children were born at home and one in the hospital. I never had an epidural and never considered one.


I let my doctor know not to give me an epidural no matter what I said or how much I cried because I was determined to have a natural birth. Being as my doctor was not able to come to my hospital room and I was only 5 cm dilated and having being home for 14 hours with contractions I told the nurse to get me that epidural. I was pain free for about an hour till my doctor came into the room and he had a nurse turn off the juice. I started feeling the pain again and the nurse kept telling me to press a button she gave me to administer more of the medicine. So my doctor let me have my natural birth but I did have a bit of a cheat time.


Natural births may be difficult and painful but again, that is the essence of being a woman, to bear ad deliver a child. Every pain, and all the sufferings will vanish as soon as you take your first glance at your baby. when you see that innocent face and most especially when you see you baby smile back at you, its so priceless

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What do you think about natural births
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