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How often should you bath your newborn

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A new born should be given a sponge bath until the umbilical chord falls off. Be careful not to touch the umbilical chord, gently wipe around it. Once it falls off, bathe them every other day to every two days because too much can cause dryness to the skin. Once they get older, try not to put anything scented in the bath such as bubbles because that can cause yeast infections. Yes, even infants and children can get yeast infections from bubble baths. When my son does not have a bath, a make sure to take a baby wipe to his neck and private area and wipe it down to keep everything clean.


the 1st month i wiped them down with warm water mix with just a drop or 2 of soap them wiped them again with clean water and applied lotion on them after that twice a day one by noon then one right before bed!!


I have always bathed my babies every other day . They really don't get dirty enough usually to need a bath every day . Now if they have had a blow out or like Noah who has reflux and spits up all day , they sometimes need one more than that . I know some people like to do it every day because they use it as part of their bedtime routine to help calm baby and get them settled and ready for bed .

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How often should you bath your newborn
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