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What does a fever of 104 mean in toddler

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a long time ago

here was ONE time when my daughter was a toddler that she got a very high fever (104). I called the doctor, freaking out, and he told me that she probably had a virus and I had to let t ride itself out. Apparently they no longer get concerned unless the fever is over 105.

a long time ago

I start lowering at 101. I have had critism for not giving my children tylenol as soon as a fever arises, say at 99. I agree that it is the body's natural reaction to fight infection.

a long time ago

We usually first see signs of a fever in our children when they are hot and feverish, laying around, saying they don't feel good or little ones will sleep more. At those signals we start trying to reduce the fever and fight the infection, whatever it may be.

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What does a fever of 104 mean in toddler
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