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How to make your own baby food

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So I know there are all sorts of fancy machines for 'properly' making baby food, but I found a cute little masher with matching bowl for fresh from the fruit/veg baby food.Smushed banana, avocado, etc. I know avocados have GREAT fats in them, and a growing brain needs that.


For the home made stuff I just use frozen veggies. Green beans, carrots, peas. I just thaw them in the microwave than cook them for a minute or so in the microwave and put them in the food processor and get them chopped up really well and add water as needed

a long time ago

I have always wanted baby bullet after I realized how easy it is to make your own baby food and I won a baby food processor (forgot the name) in one of the twitter party a little before Kaden was born. I love love it!

a long time ago

We have a baby bullet and it was very handy with my last child and it's so compact it really doesn't take up that much space, but it's accessories may depending on your cupboard or freezer space.

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How to make your own baby food
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