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What do you think about using fish oil instead of medication for ADHD kids

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We gave my stepson fish oil for a long time along with a couple other supplements and it never improved his ADHD :( he takes concerta now and that controls it pretty good.


I don't know much about this not having dealt with ADHD on a personal level before, but I know if I was a parent with and ADHD child I would try any alternative method to see what worked best for my child before putting them on drugs. That's just the way I am....now. Then if nothing worked and medication was the only option, then go with it.


Fish Oil is excellent for Brain Health, my grandbaby takes it everyday and he doens't have adhd but is extremely smart, is 2 years old, knows how to download his train apps on my tablet and phone.


Natural remedies are overlooked and ridiculed, but they do have positive effects. ADHD is not a disease but a symptom that is caused by something. You are better off finding that something (diet, allergies, etc.) than letting your child be a guinea pig for some pharmaceutical company.


If you can, try natural remedies and give it some time to see how it works. I use an organic fish oil daily

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What do you think about using fish oil instead of medication for ADHD kids
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