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Diaper rash creams that really work

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a long time ago

My daughteralways had a diaper rash. Her dirty diaper could sit on her butt less than 5 mins and she'd already start turning red. She once had a rash so bad it was blistering.We tried a lot of different creams. Some worked, but the best one was Calmoseptine. I got it behind the pharmacy at Target.


Yep, it sounds crazy, but if you are nursing, squirting some breast milk on the rash (or pumping and using a cotton swab to apply some) does wonders for rashes!


Aubrielle hasn't really had a diaper rash yet. However, she does get a bit red maybe once every other week. We apply the all natural Boudreaux's Butt Paste. It's fantastic! The redness is gone by her next diaper change!


I use an organic rash and remedy cream.

a long time ago

I've tried everything, including prescription creams, but with no success for his poor little bottom. That is until another mother who was going through the same thing brought me some stuff from a health food store called, "Bone Flesh and Cartilage" by Dr. Chrostopher. Ihave no idea what is in it, however, I feel like its a miracle cream!

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Diaper rash creams that really work
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