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What can cause severe diaper rash

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I think a few things, aside from the genetic capacity for each babe can lead to severe diaper rash in a poor baby.. ie.. more frequently going #2, be it a growth spurt, more ounces, table food.. what have you.. to small/tight of diapers can definitely lead to diaper rash.. typically then it's time to go up a size or even try a different brand.. if a baby sweats often and easily, this can be an issue and cause diaper rash.. our little guy gets sweaty rather easily so he seems more prone to that sweat on his bottom too.. also, keeping a diaper on too long can easily bother the tushie.. we try to change Monroe often, not let him "sit" in anything.. even though pee diapers can be the problem! One thing we now do is lightly dab butt paste on his booty before bed.. because he will have that diaper on longer at night :)

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my daughter, Bella was born.  She was always a child that if you didn’t change her diaper right away, she would end up with a diaper rash.When she started eating more solid table foods like pieces of egg, cheese and yogurt, I started to notice that her poopy diapers not only smelled rancid, but they also burned her little bottom to the point that it would be bleeding

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What can cause severe diaper rash
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