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I don't do any special exercises. I just watch what I eat and swim, do yoga with JJ, and jump on a trampoline. I know it seems a little weird but all of it works and keeps me thin.


The best fitness secret I have is to find something you love to do. I get bored to tears on a treadmill or stair stepper. I find myself counting down the minutes and thinking about how much I hate staying in one spot for so long. But luckily there are so many ways to exercise! Find out what you LIKE and work from there. Do you like to be outside? Take up walking! Do you want exercise to relax you? Try yoga! Do you want to dance and have fun? Try Zumba! Just find something you love and incorporate it into your daily life.


Ive lost 3 pant sizes in 2 weeks ( i did slack off a little lol )

i created the routine myself. i made it super simple with out a whole lot of effort!.

i still pretty much eat what ever i want. I just started eating a little smaller portions.


I had a terrible time keeping up an exercise routine with small children. I did best by just being busy, and not in the kitchen! Walk a lot. Stand rather than sit. Exercise by putting on fun music and dancing with the kids.

a long time ago

The best advice I have... Yes.. cardio is awesome... But WEIGHTS!!!!!! All weights all the time.. Light weights... whatever you can do.. I know some women think they're going to bulk up or just look heavier.. But I swear to you... SWEAR to you.. weights will change your body... muscle burns fat and you will not get all beefed up if you do lighter...

a long time ago

I love walking and can't even seem to fit a walk in a day. I need to force it into my day I guess.If I were to go anywhere it would be to the pool at the rec center. I love swimming, it's great exercise and easy on the knees.

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Do you have any fitness secrets
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