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Are you getting period while pregnant

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I believe wholeheartedly that no Obstetrician, gynecologist knows everything that there is to know about the human body. It's sounds so simple. To say implantation or the few other things Dr. attribute this unexplained occurrence, but I believe that there may be so many cases of women bleeding, (having their period) in the most cyclical manner as their period would occur than we may want to believe!


Because my cycle was (and still is) extremely irregular, it had never occurred to me that I was pregnant until almost the end of my pregnancy. I was still spotting once in a while so I just figured I was having a light day.

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I had a friend whose mother had the exact same thing. She never knew until she was halfway through the pregnancy. She had her 'period' every month (it obviously was not actual menstruation which doesn't occur during pregnancy.) She did have some symptoms which prompted her to test, but they were all negative!

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Are you getting period while pregnant
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