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Tips on how to stop kid’s bed wetting

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my daughter when she has to go pee she wiggles around so i wake her up and she just goes.


I tried many different things. But only thing that worked for my daughter (and worked well, worked fast and was completely safe) was www.bedwettingtherapy.com which was an online program coupled with a bedwetting alarm. (Re advice to take the child child to pee when they are asleep, they won't learn to do it on their own.)

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One good practice is to definitely monitor child's liquid intake in the eveningsMake sure that child goes potty immediately before getting into bed for the night, and lastly, keep a nightlight on in the bathroom.

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We do try to limit liquid intact after dinner, not necessarily in the summer though.We have tried putting them on the potty before we go to bed, but it doesn't seem to make a difference for these two children like it did the rest during potty training so it is most likely their bladder development being delayed and that's ok.

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Tips on how to stop kid’s  bed wetting
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