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Whose last name should you give your baby

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dads last name


This can cause a lot of tension here because everyone has different opinions and a different experience with the father of the child. But if you and the father are together doesn't have to be married yet but you think it's fine then go ahead and give baby his last name. I gave my daughter Lianna her dad's name and now I regret it. After what happened I want her to have my name but oh well. My newest baby will have his/her dads last name. If you want to then go ahead or if not then don't.


My daughter whom I had at 17 has my name. And my son has my husband's. Clearly they do not have the same dad lol. We spoke of changing her name to match the family but decided we would be taking away her true identity and if she wants to change her name when she is 18 that is great, but it will not be happening before then even if my husband is allowed to adopt her. I feel like it gives her a sense of who we (her and I) were before we became a big family.


since my ex and I split when I was 3 months along I knew she was getting my last name but when I got with my hubby when I was 8 months along the doctors all wondered why she didn't get his last name since she looks a lot like him already (dna test prove she is my exs), but we are waiting and he is going to adopt her so late she will get his last name.


Me and my babies father are not married . we're having twins and so far we found out that baby A is a Boy and since this is his first son of course we've decided to make BabyA a Junior . So Of course whatever the gender of BabyB May be he/she will def. have their fathers last name as well

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Whose last name should you give your baby
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