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Have you ever gotten a negative home pregnancy test, but was feeling actually pregnant

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i know i didn't give much detail for why my comment was a sad day. roughly five hours later i was no longer pregnant. as a result i will no longer be able to have kids. partly by choice and partly because it needed to be,


home pregnancy tests can be done at the doctors office as well as a blood test. My doctor had two tests done. The home test came back negative. The other did not. That was a sad day. ..


Yes, lately I've been feeling as though I am but I have not skipped any periods and two pregnancy tests I took read negative. I'm not sure if it is stress or lack of sleep--or both that can cause some symptoms of pregnancy.


Yes! I thought that their was a chance I was pregnant cuz I hadn't had a period that month yet. So I took a pregnancy test and it said I wasn't. So I took two more different brands and they all said that I wasn't. Two weeks later I wasn't feeling like my normal self, so I took three more pregnancy test the first one couldn't decide if I was or not. The second one showed my result real fast and then went blank( it was a digital one). Then the third read that I was pregnant and stayed that way that time.


I have took 2 pregnancy test and both came back negative but I feel like I'm pregnant for sure but I haven't seen my period yet.. But I will wait next week to retest or go c a doctor me n my boyfriend trying to have another baby omg my back is hurting me right now


You want it so badly that you have symptoms of pregnancy but you get a negative test result. Happened to me twice. I have wanted to be a mom for years especially when I was helping my fiance's family raise his/our niece. Don't get discouraged, keep trying, when the time was right it happen for us.

a long time ago

When we were trying to conceive our second child, I would always test because I "felt" pregnant. Bloated? Take a test. Cramps? Take a test. Hungrier than normal? Take a test. Was that a baby kicking?! Take a test. I think it's normal once you've been through a pregnancy and are trying for another that you "think" you are so you test. Trying to conceive and waiting can play tricks on you!

a long time ago

It's been when my levels have been low that they determined was part of the reason I miscarried but we never new if that was because the baby had died or what so it really wasn't helpful. But I've never had a negative test, usually just a very faint line that provoked me to retake a few days later just to make sure I was really pregnant

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Have you ever gotten a negative home pregnancy test, but was feeling actually pregnant
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