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What to do if you have a vaginal discharge during pregnancy

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a long time ago

If the discharge is very thin and clear you may not be able to tell if it is mucus or if you are leaking amniotic fluid, contact your caregiver in this instance.You should also talk to your doctor if you see an increase or change in discharge before 37 weeks, especially if it becomes watery or has any blood in it.If you experience discomfort, soreness, itching, burning, or inflammation it could be a yeast infection.  Signs of other infections are fishy odor, or discharge that is yellow, green, or frothy looking.

a long time ago

I have always thought vaginal discharge during pregnancy was very annoying! It's like we have nine months to enjoy being period free but quite often need a pad for vaginal discharge. :(

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What to do if you have a vaginal discharge during pregnancy
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