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My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD so he is moody many times but otherwise he is competitive, energetic and silly.
My daughter is obsessed with reading (at 7 is reading chapter books), imaginative, friendly, helpful, emotional, sweet.
My toddler is fearless, playful, sweet, adorable, energet…

NicolePerry, New York
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Only when needed! All I really have to do with my daughter is count to 5 and she immediately stops what she is doing

Seiconies WilsonKansas City, Missouri
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Yes, at a certain age. My step-daughter gets privileges taken away. If we just "slap her on the wrist," she'll continue poor mannerisms/ behaviors as an adult because she got away with them or just had a talking to as a child/teen. It is my job as her parent to see she becomes a decent human being.

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
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my adorable spider!!
Toddler : Buzz
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