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Most Disney rides will be ok. At one point they even had a sign stating if you were pregnant weather or not you could ride. Most of the rides are be honest when I was pregnant I went on a roller coaster. I was young and dumb, my daughter now LOVES roller coasters =) maybe thats why. HAVE F…

Alyssa MartinezNew Port Richey, Florida
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I traveled monthly during my pregnancy and it can be difficult.

I wore comfortable clothing and shoes! If you have frequent back aches, bring a pillow to put behind your back. Bring lots of snacks and water. Make sure that you're driving where you can stop frequently to pee because trust me, you'r…

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I travel by car a lot. I think my body is used to it so it's a little easier with each pregnancy. Talk to your doctor first-I've always stayed close to home after 32 weeks because I go early and I don't like the hospitals in Nebraska. Stop to at least stretch every few hours, peeing that much would…

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