23 weeks and still stressing...I need to relax

First off what you need to know about me is I stress over everything. It doesn't matter how small, I'm stressing. To relieve some of my stress, at 9 weeks I ordered a fetal doppler, I had yet to hear the heartbeat and would have to wait another 3 weeks for an ultrasound. So, being the impatient person I am, I decided I would rent a doppler to ease my stress. It's been almost like a security blanket for me. When it was too early to feel the baby moving and I was anxious to see if my baby boy was still ok I would just pull that out. Now, I've been feeling him move for about 2 months. I've decided it's time to send it back, but am feeling very nervous about it. Every time I think about sending it back, I see a post somewhere of someone losing their baby at the same amount of weeks I am at. I know if it's going to happen it will happen, and most of my family and husband would like to slap me for being so negative. But as i'm sitting here feeling him roll around and kicking it makes me feel better that it's time to let go of my security blanket. Sending it back tomorrow and trusting my little man to keep moving so mommy will quit stressing. =) Can't wait for him to be here. (Sorry for the long post)

23 weeks and still stressing...I need to relax
    My prayers and thoughts are with you! Remember we are always here for you! This is a great place!
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