Any advice/info on hernias??

my daughter is 2 and went to the er Monday at 3 am for non stop vomiting, they said it was a stomach bug going around and prescribed zofran for nausea and advised to keep her hydrated which includes sprite which she's never had. So today (Friday) 3am she got sick again but it was a struggle to vomit and it was a foamy orange vomit about the size of a marble and very thick. She went back to bed and I sat there and rubbed her belly and noticed a hard knot on the left side of her abdomen that I had never noticed before so off to the er we went again. This time she was diagnosed as having a hernia and I was told to follow up with pedi in a few days. Have any other moms out there been through this before and have any advice or experience to share?? Surgeries? Fine with monitoring? Checking again in a year? Regular activities? Pushing it back in? I'm so confused!!!!

    Presencia Luciano
    I'm so sorry to hear this about your daughter. I've never been through this but I really hope she gets better. But I hope you do take her to see her Pediatrician. Go as far as getting a second opinion. Good Luck.
      I do not know much about hernias ... keep us posted I am curious as to the outcome!
        Yes prayers are with you!
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