Breastfeeding breasts are hard: what to do...

I suggest using a manual or electric breast pump to relieve pressure, also try a warm/hot shower.

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    They say that if you're baby is slowing down on the feedings that you shouldn't pump because that's telling your body that you need milk at that time and your body will continue to make it.. BUT, if you're just having hard breast and they're painful.. and you're NOT weening or slowing feedings or lengthening time between, then you can let a little out and warm compress and bath for sure..

    But if you ARE weening.. or lengthening time in-between feedings, don't let any out.. well you can express a little, but don't pump.. you will just lengthen your pain.. trust me. I remember this clearly... I thought I was supposed to pump to relieve when weening and man oh man.. did I regret it.. lol
    I plan on breast feeding for awhile still , but that's good to know for later when i do ween her off.
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