FROZEN movie Night...!!!!

We have 'Frozen' on DVD that we borrowed from a friend and I haven't seen it and neither have my kids and I've heard just the BEST things about it.. Anyone? Thoughts on why it was considered the BEST Disney yet? Was it because it breaks from the old school traditional Princesses? I heard that they had gay characters? So awesome...

Will watch in an hour so give me your reviews!!!!

    That was a good movie!
      AWSOME!! I been wanting to see that movie with my daughter I heard it was a good movie...enjoy it but don't tell the details ...(((Chuckling)))
        We saw the movie! It was great... do not remember any homosexual characters ... but it may have just not been on my radar. I think the music was AWESOME! we have the soundtrack and the children and I have memorized every song!
          oh no Shelia... poor olaf!
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