is it really necessary to work so many jobs to make ends meet? Or is it necessary to put our trust in the bible and pull off one job?

for me I live with my momma she is helping me to support my 9 year old girl and since now for one year I have been struggling with making ends meet cause my momma has been out of work. Just now she went back to work. But I have been confused lately which is easier to go by the bible because it makes our lives easier or go by our hearts and make it stressful but you get more income for what we need....hmm it has me scratching my head

    i have heard of the saying Let go and let God... but I also think you need to be aware of what is out there and if that means working several jobs... maybe that is God's plan?
      Hello laura i've decided to work as many hours as i can only because god is there to provide us we need to do the work. so in other terms im working for my child and i truely appriciate the lord providing me with love, and his unconditional love. as long as i know he is there i am a happy momma...even tho kids to this day may not understand, but that is a ok because as they get older they will know what we are talking about