How would you describe your child

Rikki is my tall, gorgeous serious one. The studious, dedicated one.

Little Kenny is my gamer, with a sweet heart

Brianna is my little tomboy/bookworm

Daniel is my perpetual motion machine that worries about making everyone feel good about themselves.

Rosalea is my little princess/ diva. She is incredibly smart and advanced for her age, and loves her clothes and pretty things.

Sophie is my lost lamb. She's sweet, and starved for attention. (she lives with her mother and we are trying for custody) She is afraid of everything... :(

Jaiden is my little chilled out cuddlebug. She is smart and sweet, but she doesn't talk much, She observes everyone else.

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
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7Kimberly Acord
Jessica, I have five children and my husband has two. That gives us a total of 7. We have custody of his son and are working on custody of his daughter. It's a full house, but we enjoy it. We have 6 full time and his daughter every weekend.
    Amber Bradley
    Brynlee is my sweet and talkative little girl, she will spark up a conversation with anyone who will listen.
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