need ideas

i need to make a little extra cash so i was thinking about maybe making like gift baskets,or scarfs or something? does anyone do anything on the side for extra money and like a hobby if so what?? id like to do it for a hobby as well if i can just something extra thanks ladies!

ShannaStruthers, Ohio
im not that crafty either lol but i started thinking how how can it be to make a gift basket? im hoping not to hard lol hahaha. i will have to learn how to do anything like sewing or whatever haha. but my step daughter can so if anyone she can show me lol hahaha...
    Shanna I believe that gifts baskets are a great idea. I have some ideas for you concerning that. Learning to sew will help you very much in making those baskets with some designed cloth material or you can get the cloth and design it yourself, cardboard and poster boards (material will cover it to make the shape) and make some big/small bows for the basket depending on the size. You can make gift baskets for baby showers, get well soon, congrats on newborn, thank you (appreciation), Valentines, and birthdays and holidays :)
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      hahaha thanks girls and thanks for the gift basket ideas sounds great! im going to try and make a basket i will do a pre run basket lol to see how it looks then i will post it on here and u guys can let me know how i did lol
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      hello my names shanna ive got 3 kids 1 boy and 2 girls and i also got a 16 year old step daughter so my life is always crazy lol. i enjoy hanging out with my friends and going shopping when i can lol.