Omg! I really dislike my neighbors. The only decent ones are right across the hall. The rest of them suck!
A few months ago one of them took my package from Babies R Us when it was delivered, opened it and tried to blame someone else! Why would you do that?! Im pretty sure the only reason I got it back was because I threatened to involve our Land Lord, and stated plainly that if that didn't work, I'd be taking further action! All over a nursing bra and maternity panties! What can I say?! My husband works hard for our money and it pisses me off that people would try to steal my stuff..
This time it is a baby carrier sling.. Everyone in this building is pretty much twice my size.. so I can promise you, if it's for me, its either for an infant or me and it won't fit you either way!

    Wow that's ridiculous. I would involve the landlord if it happens again. Messing with peoples mail and packages is a federal offense and I'd make sure they knew that.
      New York is terrible when it comes to packages.. they vanish all the time!
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