going insane

ok...so today is the day I am going insane. Is it a choice? No. It was definitely not on my to do list for the day. However, you add in a potentially adhd son, a toddler, and two preschoolers who normally get alone, but today seem to have made a pact to drive mommy to the loony bin, and you get results. I want to lock myself in my room for a time out and cry hysterically for a year or two. :(

7Kimberly AcordGlen Fork, West Virginia
    Margaret hernandez
    I fill ya...Hugs
      Im right there with you today sister :). Me kids acted crazy today. Thank God they are finally asleep lol
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        7Kimberly Acord
        That day was one of those days you are thankful to make it through, as you fall sobbing into your bed at night, thanking God you made it. LOL...things have been smoother since then.
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