I don't look or feel sexy

Does another of you moms have this problem, because I don't take pictures of me or have people taking pictures of me. I try to feel sexy but, nothing don't work. My husband say how beautiful I am, but I look in the mirror... I don't know I think is a childish thing.. my husband say that too.

    Amber Bradley
    I feel like that sometimes, just after I had the baby I didn't even want to put on make up lol
      I have gone through this... i put on weight during my pregnancies and until it all comes off I am not sure I will feel confident. I am trying to loose it but it is hard. not sure what is making you feel un sexy but maybe trying to counteract it might help?
        Im going threw the same thing. My youngest daughter is 3 and it took me a little over a year after having her to lose the baby weight well as soon as I got back to my per pregnancy weight I got sick with IBS and fibromyalgia. I tried all kinds of different meds to try to get my illnesses under control, well one med made me gain like 40 lbs. I ended up bigger than I'd ever been( even while pregnant) so it has taken a big toll on my self esteem. I'm now off that med and working on losing the weight I think I have bout 20 lbs left.
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