Really missing the pregnancy symptoms. No one understands how i feel, no one understands why im so depressed. i lay in the deepest hours of the night and think about why me. why me again. why did you have to take my baby. i wish it was just all a dream and i can wake up and my baby will still be here......came to the realization i dont believe in god anymore if there was such a thing why cause the heartaches he causes no one puts someone through that so many done trying no babies for me. i wont have a family i wont have a little one to call my ima just lay down and call it a night and be depressed more

    Anissia ~ Everything happens for a reason. I know that is something you do not want to hear ... but it is something I believe. i know one day you will have a bundle of love to cuddle! Hang in there! i am here if you need to talk!
      I was very depressed after my second miscarriage. With the first I could believe it was just a fluke, but with the second I was sure there was something wrong with me. I was so scared that I'd never have children. I thought that the life I always imagined I would have would never come true. Nobody understood the anger, sadness, and desperation. They made me feel worse when they said things like "you need to get past this, maybe you should get some professional help". It's not something you just "get past" and I didn't want to get past it. It was my baby that I'd lost. My CHILD. Everyone acted like I could just try again because I was young, like "oops, that didn't work - well, just get back on that horse". I'm sorry, but would you say that to someone who lost a 3year old? No. My miscarriage was no different.

      It's ok to be angry and sad. You are supposed to be that way. It's okay to not want to try again because your not sure your poor broken heart can take it. I felt the same way. Yell, scream, cry, avoid the baby isle at the store and take a sabbatical from Facebook just so you don't have to see other peoples babies if you want. That's what I did. No one can tell you how to feel or how to deal with those feelings. We are all here for you and we all support you.
        You can't lose hope. Lots of women have miscarriages, I myself had 2. Its hard and there's no one that will understand how you feel except for another woman whos been in your shoes. Please dont loose your faith in god, this is one of the hardest times in your life and he'll help you threw this. I'm here if you ever want to talk.
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          yea i did and he wont help me with my gotta deal with it alone
            I agree with Mandi... you know your body and if something is off you know! Please find someone else to talk to! I know how debilitating depression can be and it is hard!
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