I am back and forth on caring weather or not my daughter has her binky. Some days I'm like ah she's our last child let her be little and have that bonk and other days I'm like " Mallory your a big girl your going to be 2 next week!" Then ask her for her binky, I try only giving it to her during naps and bed time BUT most days she has I. It her mouth a pretty good portion of the day . What should I do ?? She is TOTALLY attached to it I'm hoping one day she'll just give it up on her own but seeing how much she loves it I feel like she will be 5 and have it still if I don't do something! Lol help?

    My oldest son was a binki baby and I have a strange obsession with teeth so as soon as he turned 1 I was flipping out. I tried only during bed, which worked for a while until a family tragedy so I let him have it again. Mistake lol! We took it during the day no matter how much he fussed and finally cut it out completely New Year's Day 2013 (crazy to think it's only been a year!). I think he must have been ready, it was as simple as that. However, baby Khyden sucks his blankly (which is so much worse..ew!) And I don't know what we will do about that one. My mom cut my sister's binki nipple so it wouldn't hold air though, maybe that will work?
      It really depends. I had a friend do this on her daughter's 2nd birthday she had her wrap up her binkies (all of the ones she had) and told her that she gets presents for her birthday and it was her turn to give her binkies to another baby that needed them. So she got her way involved in it. And it worked. She never asked for them again which was really nice for her. Now on the other hand I have a grand daughter that is almost 5 that still has one! When they come to our house I take it from her. She is already in school she should not have a binky anymore. And when mommy and daddy are not around she is fine not having one, but as soon as they are there she cries and cries for it and they give it to her. :(
        Thanks for all the input ladies! I'm a very go with the flow easy going person . It should get easier in the spring to take it completely out of her days and just let her have it at bed time " if" she fusses for it. Because when it's nice we go go go and It keeps our minds and bodies busier. But I think since we are at our house inside all the time her mind just goes there, sort of like myself on some days ( mostly around "that time of the month ") where I've done nothing but go back to the kitchen for another snack I didn't need! Haha lots of boredom eating and binky sucking around here. ;)
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