IF you were going to have a birthday party for your child at a pizza buffet place would you expect your guests to pay for their meals? My brother is having one today for his daughter and that is what he is doing. I kind of think it is rude to just have it at a place like that and then expect everyone to pay their own way. The place is expensive and I honestly don't care if my husband or I eat, but we also have our daughter with us so of coarse we are going to have to buy her something otherwise it will not go well. And it is not like a place like Chucky Cheese of anything like that. It is just pizza ranch so there is nothing for anyone to do but sit in a room. He is doing it because he doesn't want to clean up after anyone. UGH! Maybe I am wrong in thinking this is not a very good idea. We are almost thinking we may just drop the present off and then go home. But I don't want to do that to my niece. (She is turning 3)

    I think with something like that the person throwing the party should pay. But then itputs you in a bing because you ddon't want to miss your nieces bday party.
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