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Ok I need some advice or input.....My baby is 6 months and we have noticed for a few months that he does not want to use his right hand. I do not believe that a child has a dominate hand at this age or at the very least to this extent. He can move it and he can open his fingers (with no complaints of pain) but we have to force him. For example, we have to put a toy out of reach of his left hand because many times he will reach over as far as he can to get it. I can gently hold down his left arm and make him use his right arm/hand and he will but we are becoming very concerned. His ped dr is a prick and just waves us off

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    Brynlee was the same way, the first 5 months she only used her right hand, we were pretty concerned as well but a little after 6 months she started using them both just fine.
    Off topic but I love the name Asher, we almost named Bentley that!!
      We love the Nurse practitioner in the dr office and try to see her every time but sometimes they tell me I'm "required" to see I do because my baby has a corn allergy and she would call me every day, sometimes as late as 8pm, to check on him the first 2 months after he was born. You don't find that in the medical field these days. @ Hannah, he moves everything on both sides of his body just will not use his right hand and he keeps it fisted all the time. I looked at Erps Palsey (something that could have happened during birth) but it doesn't seem to fit.
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