what would you all do

so baby dad beat my daughter and then told me I was a piece of shit for not beating her and locking her in rooms for hours and then I left him found out I was prego have not really talked to him but found out he was doing haroin from his sister. sooo I wanted to know should I let him know see if he will change or keep him out and know my baby is safe

    7Kimberly Acord
    I personally would rather know my child was safe. If he wanted to change, he will do it on his own. And if he beat your daughter already, then odds are good he won't keep his hands off the baby. A crying baby and drugs don't mix well together. And if he beat my child, I would have had him put in jail, if they could find him when I was through with him. My ex-husband was on drugs and abusive. He wasn't when we got together, but started about 3 months into our marriage. I was pregnant with my son when I left. Bree was 3. I left because my children deserved better than to see their mother being treated that way, or to learn that drugs were a way to live. He has never seen my son. And I would fight him tooth and nail after what he put us all through. Keep your head held high and protect those babies, because they can't protect themselves. Hugs.
      Your child's safety is the most important thing. If they hit once they will always do it again.
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