I don't even know what to say

Bailey wants to get her ears stretched, her ears all pierced up, her belly, and nose. She also has mentioned to her friends that she is getting tattoos. I don't really approve of such things...I believe it's wrong to get all those. If God wanted you to have them, he would have had you born with them!

    I was the same way to my mom, but she refused until I was 18 with most things. With the stretching of the ears (gauging as they call it) I was so into it until I saw horror stories. If you go past a certain size, your ears will never go back to the same, and you have to scrape the dead skin off! It was sooo gross! So, I do have them stretched but nothing serious. My ears are at a 8g I believe. (very small) Tattoos, I can't speak much on. I beleive in them, I think your body is a canvas, and if you want to go for it, but make sure it's something meaningful, not just some random hey i like this tattoo.
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