I think my baby fights sleep because she is curious and wants to be a part of everything going on. Also, she startles herself awake just to make sure she is in my arms or touching me in some way. lol

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    Have you ever tried Lavender essential oil? I have used it on my little girl every night since she was born and she has always been a good sleeper. For the last few months (now she is almost 8 months old) she has been sleeping from about 8:30 pm all through the night, in her crib, until I wake her shortly after 5 am! Let me know if you would like some more information! You can email me at krystleboell at (I couldn't put the at sign in I guess) or you can reach me at 503-490-2478!
      Have you tried swaddling her? It's very comforting to them and they don't startle themselves awake. She is naturally curious about what's going on about her so what worked for me is routine.... ( I have two boys now aged 4 and 5) but I got them into a routine, same room, bed, time and away from loud noise and voices. I dint go for the absolute silence because I didn't want them to become so sensitive they'd wake at the drop of a hat either. She may not like it at first - but pursue and after 1 or two days she'l like her routine and feel secure.
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