How did you know it was time to stop breast feeding?

This week will be 10 months and we are staring to have issues. I had hoped to make it to a year. But I don't know if that's going to happen.

    Amber Bradley
    I think when my kids are ready they will stop, I didn't set a time to stop ever! Brynlee still nurses occasionally but pretty much stopped last month. Bentley will go as long as he wants as well, and I am going to try to breastfeed Bristol but im not sure how that will go.
      Sandra Chuck
      what kind of issues? Can you work them out?

      I knew it was time to stop when I wasn't producing enough milk. I had slowly started to wean her during the day & continued nursing at bedtime & am. I then did a routine of every 2nd day to help wean her to see if she was ready. She was only a few weeks shy of turning 1yr young & I knew she would be o.k without nursing, it was my instinct & my stomach told me too it was the right decision. You will know when to stop, just don't stop immediately, its better to allow time for this transition for both you & your baby.
      My girl had been an healthy weight & transitioned to cereal & then baby food. She has always been striving in her healthy weight has been above "normal" average, so I know I have succeed & made the right choice.
      He gets bottles at day care and when he is with daddy or a sitter. Nursing takes more effort than the bottle and sometimes frustrates him. We've also had a couple times where it doesn't seem like he's gotten enough milk, probably because he was frustrated and distracted. But he gets really fussy and feeds sooner than he normally would. He also sleeps better at night after gettinga bottle than nursing. And since he got teeth, I have gotten a sore on my breast that won't heal and hurts to nurse. I have tried shifting positions and it helps with the pain.

      I still get 2 or 3oz every time I pump. So I'm not losing my supply. I just needed thoughts from people who have been there.
        For me it was when they got teeth...and began to bite! Ouch! My children all got teeth around a year old (late I know!)
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