36 weeks

36 weeks is considered full term and is when my son was born. We had no issues or concerns. 35 weeks should be ok. You may end up with a little time in NICU or a couple extra days monitoring. But in the big picture everything should be fine.

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      I had my daughter at 35 weeks. She was in NICU for 10 days, but I stayed there. I didn't go home until she did. She didn't have anything wrong with her except she had to learn to breath, suck, and swallow. So had to be on a feeding tube for awhile. She was born weighing 3lbs, 6oz. And she was only 15 inches long. Preemie clothes were even to big for her, even preemie diapers. But they let us take her home and she only weighed 3lbs 7oz! She had to have a special car seat we had to take her home in which layed down flat. she had to be in that for a long time. But she is doing amazing. Just still pretty small. She is almost 4 and weighs 25lbs.
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