Baby Nightmares? Waking up crying.

Lately my daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night, screaming crying, very upset and almost sounds scared. She's 11 months old. When she does this we just go in pick her up rock her for a minuet and then put her back down. She usually goes right back to sleep and will sleep for the whole night. Last night she woke up crying like this twice before 12:30. After the spell at 12:30 she slept the rest of the night. Has anyone experienced this? Is it just a phase? could it be bad dreams?

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    It's a mystery what children so young are dreaming about, If it is nightmares I wonder what could have caused them? My daughter wakes up crying some times but not often. Sorry I don't have any good advice.
      Yes. It's a phase. I'm willing to bet her imagination is becoming bigger and dreams more vivid as she gets older. Also she could be teething.
      I think you're doing the best thing. Coming in and comforting her then putting her back down. That's hard to do so good for you.
      Just when u think you have it figured out, it will stop and change. Hang in there .. As long as she goes back to sleep I wouldn't worry :)
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