To my Single Moms out there!!

How to date a single mom... Or to NOT date one...…

    i am a single mom and agree with most of it. However, I would want my partner to be able to complain to me if they are having a bad day. We all need room and space to vent in relationships.

    The kids one is where I still waver. I haven't really dated since my daughter was born, and would rather be friends with someone for awhile before even contemplating dating. It may be old fashioned, but if I decide to date someone, it's for marriage or long term commitment, not just for fun.
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    We live in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a writer, comedian, actor and single mom of two. Parenting is hard. I try to keep a sense of humor about it all and find the find the funny... in what is most likely NOT funny (i.e. boogers, meltdowns, homework, etc.).