How old where you when you got your first period?

It seems like girls are getting their period younger and younger these days.

I was 16 when I got my first period.

How old where you?

    Amber Bradley
    I was 16 too! And I know what your saying, my niece Emily got hers when she was 11! what the heck!
      I was 11 i the 6th grade,nurse brought me home that day. I was excited because my mom said I can shave my legs when I get my period.
        I was 15 when I got it b/c I was SUPER skinny as a kid and had close to zero body fat. That's actually what my doctor said: "You have no body fat, you need to gain weight and then you will get your period." So I went on a gain weight diet of ice cream twice daily and got my period at the end of that year. But it didn't start coming regularly until I was 16. (Ah - how I miss those gain weight diet days...I wish that were still the case :-)
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