Not getting much of it at night anymore. I even started going to sleep earlier to see if that would help but between getting comfy enough and my mind and muscles racing it's just sooo hard! My husband also gets home around 530 so I wake up then and struggle some more getting back to sleep. Maybe I will just stop fighting it and just wake up? I just dislike being up and bored at 6am :(

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    It's so crazy the different schedules when they work days or nights! Right now before baby is born I feel it's so much easier for me to sleep during the day. Once I finally fell asleep this morning and waking up a few times after I slept until 1:30! I am excited for my baby to get here so I can at least make more of a schedule when he gets here.
    I get so bored at home and there's only so much that can be done, once baby is here it will not be that way anymore! :)
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      I am anxious to see how my husband and I will work out our schedules. Between him sleeping during the day and leaving around 4:30pm and not home until 5:30am.... It's definitely going to be interesting. But I know we will find what fits us best!
      Thank you, it helps hearing I am not the only one who is going through the "night shifts" before I was pregnant I worked nights to; to stay on the same one as him but then I quit and haven't worked since August.

      He has been on nights for over a year now.. It gets old fast!
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