Born at 35 Weeks

My boy was born at 35 weeks, technically preemie at that point. He had a large trunk, a smaller head, and my pelvis hadn't quite spread. "Borderline" my OB had called it. He broke my water at 10cm, wanting me to deliver fast to try to avoid him getting stuck and making me have a cesarean. I pushed less then a half hour, and I did tear, but I couldn't feel it. Too much else was going on. My baby was born weighing 7lbs 15 oz. and measuring 20 inches long. The only trouble we had was getting him to put on weight in the three weeks following his birth, but he gained almost a pound and grew an inch by the 4th week. At a month old (and three days, bu who's counting?) he has lifted his head and turned it multiple times during tummy time, and rolled himself onto his back. He responds to Mommy and Daddy's voices and enjoy country music and Mommy's singing, and will stare at high contrast picture books. He is developing JUST fine! :)

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