How do you tell what your baby/child is ready for?

So many moms kept telling me to go strictly by the doctors when I had Izzy. To not start anything new unless a doctor specifically told me to. So when they told me she wouldn't be ready for solids until 4+ months I thought okay so no solids until then. At three months she wasn't too interested in her bottle and kept trying to get into my food. I finally broke down and bought a jar of applesauce and fed it to her and she went nuts for it. From there we went into thicker baby foods and now we are in chuncky or thick baby food because that is what she wants. At her well baby checkup her doctor was leary when I said we had started solids but after she watched Izzy for a while and began to test her motor skills she reasurred me that i was doing the right thing. While yes I always keep what the doctor says in mind, I watch my daughter for signs that she's ready for something. She's able to stand for short periods now and she knows that when she's going to fall to sit down. Izzy has always been a fast learner and I feel more comfortable doing things that she is ready for when she's ready, not when "most" babies are ready for.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I agree. Each baby has their own time table and while what the doctor says is considered expert advice, they don't know our children like we do.
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